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first time thanksgiving hosts.

by Shaiyanne Dar December 01, 2017

Dolkii Hawaii - A Bohemian Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is all about giving back, and we wanted to do just that for our family with a small, cozy, bohemian-inspired dinner environment. 

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the magic of romper zoya.

by Shaiyanne Dar February 27, 2017

The beauty of Romper Zoya is that is so easy and versatile!

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sneak peak into summer 2017.

by Shaiyanne Dar February 21, 2017

Dolkii Summer 2017
a little mini shoot previewing our new off the shoulder summer dress. 

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honolulu night + market

by Shaiyanne Dar June 25, 2016 1 Comment

Dolkii at Honolulu Night + Market at Our Kakaako by John Wakayama Carey
relive the night dolkii took over honolulu night + market at our kakaako with this amazing behind the scenes video!
shot and edited by john wakayama carey.

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fairy popcorn.

by Shaiyanne Dar May 04, 2016

fairy popcorn
We've been hit with rainbow crazeee..
check out this fun, easy & oh so colorful popcorn recipe that involves just three ingredients!

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golden milk.

by Yasmin Dar February 18, 2016

for sweet dreams and improved circulation, "golden milk" is a delicious drink for good health! The star ingredient of this recipe is turmeric. thanks for the recipe dad!

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dolkii x ginger13 hawaii by pono grace

by Shaiyanne Dar December 06, 2015

dolkii pono grace ginger 13
sometimes we just like to bring a group of talented kick ass creatives together to produce something epic. this downtown chinatown / honolulu project is definitely one of those moments. 

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joshua tree's little bohemian airbnb getaway

by Shaiyanne Dar November 12, 2015 1 Comment

dolkii cabin cabin cabin
I find that a quick three day trip away from LA is so necessary for clearing my mind and recharging my creativity.. besides, traveling to new places is always good for the soul. No place makes more sense for the perfect getaway than Joshua Tree. 

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mahalo, new york city!

by Shaiyanne Dar August 27, 2015

dolkii wanderlust brooklyn
this blog post has been a long one in the making as i wanted to choose my words wisely. earlier this summer i decided to leave my home in brooklyn and close the chapter to what has been three of the most epic years of my life...

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my day with dante.

by Shaiyanne Dar February 05, 2015

Dolkii Dante Basco
Catching up with Dante Basco, who thru his work and art, remind me of how proud I am to be Filipino American.

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a dream come true with free people.

by Shaiyanne Dar November 21, 2014

Dolkii FPMe Brooklyn
an amazing day shooting with kate rentz, joanna rentz and the entire free people team around dumbo, brooklyn.

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not all who wander are lost.

by Shaiyanne Dar November 07, 2014

dolkii band of gypsies
west coast is the best coast and i love everything about revisiting los angeles, the city i called home for three short years a while back. this city has changed so much over the years and i had such a blast this past trip catching up with friends.

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f*ck being perfect [feat. good hyouman].

by Shaiyanne Dar October 30, 2014

dolkii good hyouman
on my most recent trip to los angeles i thought it was only fitting to shoot this amazing brand i discovered via instagram, good hYOUMman. born based and bred in los angeles i love how these guys let you customize your order with dozens of silhouettes and graphics to choose from. 

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hello fall <3.

by Shaiyanne Dar October 24, 2014

fall is in the air and feeling so fresh. just like the rest of the east coast i absolutely love this time of year when the leaves turn ombre shades of red, wardrobes get draped in layers, and food.. dont even get me started on all the food!! 

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paint me over with your dreams.

by Shaiyanne Dar October 16, 2014

dolkii bilo hussein
anyone remember of the music of nelly furtado via folklore? i was prepping for this shoot the day before and could not stop listening to her album after bilo pitched me the concept and sent over her inspiration.

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short & sweet in scotch & soda.

by Shaiyanne Dar October 07, 2014

dolkii tommy shih
shot and sweet in scotch & soda shot by tommy shih.

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red hook in twerk jeans [by tommy shih].

by Shaiyanne Dar September 29, 2014

dolkii tommy shih unif
um no i dont twerk. but these jeans by unif are perfection for fall transition. i spent a gorgeous sunday afternoon with my friend tommy visiting from hawaii for nyfw, getting lost around red hook.

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the coney island diaries part ii.

by Shaiyanne Dar September 23, 2014

dolkii coney island bilo hussein
the coney island diaries part ii shot by bilo hussein.

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the coney island diaries part i.

by Shaiyanne Dar September 15, 2014

Dolkii Bilo Hussein
in less than one hour you can go from the hustle and bustle of manhattan to the historic eclectic surroundings of coney island. shot by bilo hussein.

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aloha means love [feat. gillia clothing].

by Shaiyanne Dar September 14, 2014

Dolkii Aloha Means Love
im always proud to rep swag from the 808 state. featuring gillia clothing shot by bilo hussein.

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lets be mermaids.

by Shaiyanne Dar August 24, 2014

Dolkii Bilo Hussein Free People
saturday morning. six thirty am call time. grab a cup of coffee and suck it up. bohemian dreams shot by bilo hussein.

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into the pale feat. free people

by Shaiyanne Dar August 21, 2014

Dolkii Bilo Hussein Free People Into The Pale
daylight is different here. featuring free people shot by bilo hussein in dumbo, brooklyn.

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on wednesdays we wear pink.

by Shaiyanne Dar July 16, 2014

Dolkii Love Kimiko
beautiful hawaii nei .. im so proud to call hawaii home. featuring waoilas shave ice and free people shot by amanda kutaka.

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she said she could [so she did].

by Shaiyanne Dar July 07, 2014

Dolkii Free People
ahh feels so good to be back :] took a small dolkii vacation from my vacation to concentrate on a few things going on. featuring free people at miss lilys.

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