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March 11, 2020 2 min read

HALOOO! Holographic stickersare baaaaack!

Earlier last month we partnered with Sticker Mule to bring you our best selling WAHINE design in the form of a holographic sticker and our customers LOVED them so much we decided to bring them back FOR GOOD!


We are so blown away with their craft! When choosing production partners, QUALITY is the first thing we look for. The quality of stickers produced by our friends at Sticker Mule is amazing, so you can see why all our Dolkii babes are as obsessed as we are! We stick them on our planners, water bottles and some of us on our phones! Rain or shine these babies will glow, and they are water resistant. 

Dolkii Wahine Stickers


Sticker Mule is a great company for custom made stickers, magnets, labels and more! They offer free proofs and ship WORLDWIDE. What we love most about working with them, is that they offer low minimums which is much easier to manage as a small business. Most companies require a 1000+ unit minimum and small businesses just don’t have time (or budget!) to accommodate those rules. Sticker Mule throws it all out the door, accommodating small orders while offering discounts for bigger orders. Basically, the more you buy, the more you save! When we first started ordering with them, our quantities were 50 or less because we had such low order volume. And now that our business is ramping up like crazy, we’re ordering in the 100s while saving a lot more when it comes to cost per unit!

Dolkii Rainbow Stickers

Dolkii Rainbow Stickers


We get a lot of inquiries about our Dolkii stickers and if we sell them online.. and the answer is, we do not!

Why?To be completely honest, we do this because we want to continue to offer free shipping on all orders to Hawai’i addresses, and to continue to do that, we have to manage our margins. So purely from a business perspective, it’s just not cost efficient if a customer buys just ONE sticker and ships to Hawai’i. By our shipping policy, we would have to eat the cost of shipping of that order (which also includes the cost of packing material and time!) and we end up loosing money. So instead, our customers receive a FREE sticker with every order that includes a tee shirt. Of course, we offer our stickers for sale at our pop up shops which happen throughout the year across Hawai’i so definitely follow us on Instagram if you would like to stay in the know of upcoming events!

Mahalo for your continued support of our small business! We love showing our customers how much we love them, and these stickers are just a small token of our appreciation :).

Dolkii Hawai'i Stickers

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