Dolkii x Women's Fund of Hawai'i

Dolkii X women's fund of hawai'i

Dolkii is a proud partner of Women's Fund of Hawai'i.

Women’s Fund of Hawai'i is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support innovative, grassroots programs that empower women and girls statewide. The Fund provides information and education on women’s and girls’ philanthropy, shines a light on women’s and girls’ issues while increasing the visibility of their grantees. Every year, WFH honors various female-driven programs with monetary grants from funds raised via donations.

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about women's fund of hawai'i

Since 2005, WFH has awarded over $900,000 in grants to 207 community-based organizations across the state of Hawai'i.

Past and present grantees include:

  • Hawai'i Women in Filmmaking
  • Susan G. Komen Hawai'i
  • Read To Me International
  • Healthy Mother's Healthy Babies of Hawai'i
  • Waipahu Community Based Development Organization
  • Breastfeeding Hawai'i
  • ...and many more!

ABOUT OUR wahine tees

Our 'Wahine' Collection was designed to empower women and girls of Hawai'i. Designs from this collection shine light on past & current grant recipients of WFH, highlighting the amazing work being done to improve the lives of women & girls. 

Beyond gender, Women's Fund of Hawai'i is deeply committed to helping deserving Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women and girls succeed. Priority is given to programs that serve Native Hawaiian women and girls because, unfortunately, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women & girls fare disproportionately worse than other women & girls in Hawaii. WFH invests heavily in programs that uplift them and, as a consequence of their success, bolsters the communities in which they live. WFH proudly has Native Hawaiian representation on their Board, along with that of a diversity of women who reflect the population of the islands. 

WFH & Dolkii believes that investing in Native Hawaiian organizations that empower women & girls, along with ALL women and girls who call Hawai'i home, is the way to make our island way of life better for everyone.

Proceeds from the sales of our 'Wahine' Collection go towards the Women's Fund of Hawai'i nonprofit initiative. Since the launch of our program, Dolkii has donated over $10,000 to support the mission of Women's Fund of Hawai'i.

Mahalo for all your support!