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October 30, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

Our latest holiday campaign was a collaboration of so many amazing women, one of them being Brooke Hauguel, owner of not just one but TWO businesses in Hawai'i! Brooke's vibrant energy is magnetic, and you can feel how much heart and soul she poured into her business. She not only showed up to our shoot with the Paradise Photo Bus, but she also created a beautiful setting with her many props and nearly saved the photoshoot altogether by suggesting a backup location when our first one fell thru!

I hope your enjoy getting to know Brooke below, as well as more information on Paradise Photo Bus if you would like to rent her beautiful van for a future event on Oahu.

Brooke Hauguel - Paradise Photo Bus Hawai'i
Where are you originally from and how did you end up in Hawai'i?
I am originally from Indiana, but I moved to Hawaii in 2008 to go to college at UH-Manoa, and decided not to leave when I graduated! 

What prompted you to start Paradise Photo Bus?
I have always been surrounded by cool old cars, because my dad restored them when I was growing up. But I fell in love with Volkswagen buses when I moved to Hawaii, all their little unique quirks make me so excited! So I had to have a bus, and I am an entrepreneur at heart, so I wanted to be able to turn my passion into a business, and be able to share it with others! 
Brooke Hauguel - Paradise Photo Bus Hawai'i

We hear you also own a swimwear line! Can you tell us more about that?!
I have been designing and sewing custom made to wear swimwear since 2012, for my brand, Peace Of Paradise Creations. There has always been a big gap in the options for custom swimsuits, as well as for women of all shapes and sizes. It has been my mission to be able to provide EVERY-BODY the chance to rock a swimsuit on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

Describe your typical style and, if you do wear graphic tees, how you like styling them up?
I really love anything vintage, mod, or retro feeling, so the fonts Dolkii uses just fits my overall vibe. I also enjoy graphic tees that have catchy phrases, and plays on words. 
Paradise Photo Bus Hawai'i

How can people book Paradise Photo Bus? Do you have a rental minimum as far as how many hours, location restrictions etc.?
You can book the Paradise Photo Bus for any wedding, photo shoot, birthday party, or even commercial event through our website. We do have a 2 hour minimum for rentals, but this includes a location of your choosing, or help from us to pick one to fit your needs! As well as a curated selection of furniture and decor to fit the vibe you’re looking for, it’s almost always different based on the needs of each individual client! 

Any advice you'd like to give other young female entrepreneurs?
Do only what you love, and what excites you to get out of bed each morning, otherwise it will feel like work, and you won’t be passionate about it. Start small, you do not need to invest thousands of dollars, start with one thing, and see how it goes, every business is a learning process. And don’t give up, if you have some bumps in the road, take them as learning lessons on how to do better next time, and keep pushing forward. And lastly, always follow your intuition, and do what you love, people will respect that, and fall in love with something they see someone believe in. Don’t be afraid to start today! 

Check out a few amazing photos of Paradise Photo Bus below, captured by Jessica Pine.
Paradise Photo Bus Hawai'i
Paradise Photo Bus Hawai'i
Paradise Photo Bus Hawai'iParadise Photo Bus Hawai'i
Paradise Photo Bus Hawai'i

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November 05, 2019

A most accomplished young woman with such a creative mind.
Love watching all her ideas and designs.
Truly an inspiration to all.

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