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October 11, 2022 2 min read

Earlier this year, we launched our very special collection, Mahal Kita, to celebrate Mother's Day by highlighting my Filipino heritage (from my mom's side).
At the beginning stages of conception, I knew I wanted to collaborate with & support a Filipina creative who could help me bring this vision to life while whole heartedly understanding the deeper meaning to this collection. Immediately, I thought of Hawai'i-based artist, Hues of Rose.

Rose Julian is a fellow University of Hawai'i Alumna, where she earned a BFA in graphic design. She is empowered to advocate for her Filipino heritage and culture, using her talent & creativity to teach, protect and celebrate her roots. 

I have been a long time fan of Rose's art pieces for years now and we even have her 3 piece "Hawaii Signage Series" set displayed in our office! She is a woman of so many talents with an eye for creativity that just can't be taught. Honestly, my favorite part of bringing this whole collection to life has been my conversations with Rose via email discussing these various designs, bringing deeper meaning to these beautiful graphics beyond just color and script. You can shop more of Rose's art collection HERE.


Dolkii Tee Anak
For our ANAK tees, I wanted this design to be very playful and youthful, knowing it would be worn by babies as young as 6 months old, to youth as old as preteen. This design was initially inspired by a Filipino folk tale that we were told when we were younger, basically saying that the sun and the moon gave birth to their children: the stars. The shapes emulate the playfulness and innocence of children. Similarly, the rising sun with 4 rays in whole, represents the 8-ray sun of the Philippines.
Dolkii Tee Nanay
Dolkii Tee Nanay
Our NANAY type details is so subtle, mature and becoming. I love the simplicity yet strength of this design as it reminds me of details I would see on my mom's Terno. 
Dolkii Tee Lola
And finally our beautiful LOLA type reminds me of the strength of Lolas and the foundation & roots they build for their families. 

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