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March 20, 2022 4 min read

This month, with the launch of our Buy Local or Bye Local Tee, we've decided to celebrate local as much as we possibly can by highlighting some of our favorite local businesses!
As many of you might already know, out headquarters is located in Los Angeles , California where we manufacture 100% of our apparel. From fabric to finish, your goods are made domestically in the U.S. which not only helps keeps jobs within the  domestic apparel industry (which in recent years has shifted overseas to places like China, India, Mexico, etc.), but also minimizes our carbon footprint. Our office is located just blocks from our manufacturers, which means we save a ton of money on transporting between warehouses.
Since we are local to both O'ahu AND Los Angeles, we thought that for this blog post, we would show some love to our LA local women-owned coffee shops! Nalysia, our rockstar Operations Manager, was born and grew up in Long Beach, and worked for quite a few companies in downtown Los Angeles before joining Dolkii,  so she took the lead on this post, sharing some of her favorite spots that she loves to support!

Located at 416 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

@wideeyesopenpalms |

Wide Eyes Open Palms Coffee Shop in Long Beach, California
Photo Source: Melissa Mora Hidalgo
Wide Eyes Open Palms is a specialty coffee and seasonal food cafe owned bypowerhouse couple Kat McIver and Angie Evans. Bringing quality food and beverages to the Long Beach community by sourcing their ingredients from local farmers and coffee producers around the world is at their core. Prioritizing local and sustainable sourcing means that their menu is ever-changing with the seasons and the farmer's market availability. Although they do not roast their own coffee, they partner with award-winning roasters in the industry to provide their customers with fresh-roasted materials. 
They are best known for their rosemary latte. They make a syrup infused with a specific variety of organic, locally grown rosemary which adds a subtle sweetness and a herbaceous undertone that their customers LOVE! Wide Eyes Open Palms is a wonderful place to grab a coffee, brunch, natural wine, and pastries either walk-in, take-out, deliver, or enjoy while seated at their outdoor patio. Be sure to follow them on IG as they continuously sharing fresh, seasonal offerings! 
Black Ring Coffee Roasters

Located at 5373 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90805

@black_ring_coffee |
Black Ring Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop in Long Beach, California
Photo Source: Flitz Nelson

Black Ring Coffee Roasters is an independent coffee roasters that focuses on sourcing sustainable coffee beans from farm partners, their amazing team, and the growing local coffee community in Long Beach. Female roaster and shop owner, Juliette Simpkins is the driving force behind Black Ring Coffee. Their fresh batches of Colombian coffee beans can be found at their coffee shop or purchased online HERE!

Their most popular coffee drink is their nitro cold brew - Colombia Finca Alto Bonito. It was awarded America’s Best Cold Brew in 2019! If you’re looking for a sweeter beverage, my personal fave is their Honey Oat Latte (espresso, oat milk, honey) is a must-try because tastes like honey nut Cheerios.


Located at 1355 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041

@foundcoffeela |

Found Coffee Coffee Shop in Los Angeles, California

Photo Source: Janet Kim and Abel Jaye Manansala

Found Coffee is a wonderful coffee shop owned by Annie Choi and nestled in Eagle Rock, CA. Here you can find yourself enjoying their specialty coffee, tea, and pastries in open, airy all-around solid place to get a drink, study, or relax with friends. Serving their community is part of their mission which is why they offer exceptional customer service, delicious goods, and a sense of warmth & comfort to everyone that walks through their door. 

As a multi-roaster specialty coffee shop, Found Coffee is a proud supporter of serving local roasters across Los Angeles and California.  Here’s a list of a few local roasters they work with: Demitasse Coffee Roasters, Stereoscope Coffee, Peri Coffee, Chromatic Coffee, Prospect Coffee Roasters, and Compa Coffee Roasters. If you are a fan of lattes, their vanilla bourbon latte (served hot or iced) is worth a try! 


Located on 4574 S Centinela Ave Los Angeles, CA 90066 |

SACHI Coffee Shop in Los Angeles, California

Photo Source: Kendra Lehner

Sisters, Sachi and Chiyo teamed together to create SACHI, an earthy, modern, and welcoming space influenced by Japanese culture and values- devoted to offering high-quality beverages and food. You are welcome to take a seat at the coffee bar or check out their retail section offering great gifts, plants glory, local artisan products, and vintage apparel. 

They serve a full menu of Compelling single origins coffee beans and tea. This super cute, aesthetically pleasing coffee shop is a hit when it comes to their specialty latte: earl grey lavender, hojicha, and matcha green tea. Be sure to peep their IG for updates on fun things happening at their shop or you can purchase their DIY coffee & tea, merch, and plants online HERE!


Located at 5537 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042

@kandmcoffee |

Kindness and Mischief Coffee Shop in Los Angeles, California

Photo Source: Exodusfromashes

Kindness and Mischief Coffee is a hidden gem in Highland Park, owned by Monique Maravilla. The vibe at K+M Coffee is a warm, welcoming, and uplifting environment that is people-driven and community-centered. With a focus on offering everything local from their roasters, bakers, artists, and chefs. The biggest highlight to K&M Coffee is that it serves as a hub that is a catalyst for friendliness, creativity, and community. 

One of my fave things to order is their Pandan Horchata Latte if I’m looking for a warm sweet treat! A huge plus here is that they don’t charge extra for milk alternatives! If you are in the Highland Park neighborhood, make sure to stop in for a cup and a smile from the friendly staff at Kindness & Mischief. You can also find their coffee beans and merch HERE

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