Our Story

Dolkii girls are smart, creative, confident, and young at heart,
with a wild and free attitude that draws the most positive energies.
In another life, she would be otherworldly, a mermaid perhaps.
Their beautiful minds are filled with thoughts of wanderlust: bodies physically in big city living mode,
but dreams of traveling the world to places untouched.
She is a go-getter, dream chaser and will always push life to its limits.
She will be loved. She is unstoppable. She is otherworldly.
Yasmin Fasi and Shaiyanne Dar
Shaiyanne Dar is the proud small business owner of Dolkii, an online shop for the free spirited girl.
Born in the land of palm trees, pineapples and endless rainbows, Dolkii started as an online fashion blog
launched by Shaiyanne in 2014. With her love of fashion and background
in buying, ecommerce and apparel manufacturing, she decided to combine
forces with her sister Yasmin Dar Fasi and launched the Dolkii online shop in June of 2015.
“Be Otherworldly” captures the essence of the beauties that Dolkii
aspires to reach thru its array of bohemian inspired silhouettes.
In the summer of 2016, the brand debuted its first in house collection,
Dolkii the Label, proudly manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles. 
Shaiyanne Dar Dolkii
Shaiyanne is the driving force behind Dolkii, founding the company in 2014
by means of a small fashion blog based out of Brooklyn, New York.
In 2015, the blog evolved into the online store it is today, and that same year she decided
to move back west to Los Angeles to pursue the design and development of its private label collection.
Shaiyanne graduated at the age of 20 with a bachelors in finance from the
University of Hawaii, and later continued her education at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
to specialize in apparel manufacturing. She has over 8 years of experience
in retail planning, allocations, buying and eCommerce site optimization.
Today, she manages all aspects of the business, from creative content to production, manufacturing and web development.
Shai also works in the field of eCommerce, digital marketing and social media,
helping brands develop and grow their digital presence into revenue driving channels.
[e] : shaiyanne@dolkii.com
[ig] : @shaiiiyanne