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my day with dante.

February 05, 2015 2 min read

los angeles. the city of angels.

im always happy to travel back west, especially this time of year when weather conditions on the east coast are beyond unbearable, borderline illegal!

my most recent trip to southern california was amazing, less work related giving me more time to spend with two of my closest friends, naomi & orlando. i was even lucky enough to catch up with and introduce them to dante, also on break from worklife. we decided to capitalize on this rare occasion together the only way knew how : PHOTOSHOOT ... DUH. 

most of you know dante basco from his iconic role as rufio from hook starring the late robin williams. its mind blown to think i now live in a time where some of you may not even know the movie hook (and omg you dont know who missy elliot is either?! *gasps*) but its okay. dante is not just an actor, he's also also a writer, poet, and producer. oh and don't forget break dancer trained in classical ballet! his continued efforts to advocate for the creative arts resonates among various asian-american communities around the globe, especially among young filipinos like myself. 

you can follow dante here on tumblr where he posts excerpts from all his recent work as well as an updated tour schedule of appearances across the globe.

my good friend orlando agawin is a young and talented, proud filipino who thrives in the art of dance and photography. he was gracious enough to snap a few shots of our day around downtown los angeles.  check out a few takes from our day below!

if you're on the east coast, stay warm!! and for those of you out there in sunny california, i'll see you guys in a few weeks!!

Dolkii Dante Basco Shaiyanne Dar

Dolkii Dante Basco Shaiyanne Dar

Dolkii Dante Basco Shaiyanne Dar

Dolkii Dante Basco Shaiyanne Dar

Dolkii Dante Basco Shaiyanne Dar

xxo, shai

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