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FACT : i am one of those girls who love valentines day .. sorry not sorry .. not quite sure what it is about this overrated holiday that gets me .. i mean we should all be showing the ones we care about how much we love them everyday, not just on february 14th right? but then again one can argue that about every holiday i suppose. i guess for me its the one time of the season i look forward to helping me forget how bitter cold and miserable the winter is with the help of a simple hand written love note or a few red roses .. oh and chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. it's funny how during the holidays between thanksgiving and new years no one reeeeally seems to mind the cold [at least i don't] because everyone is in such a good mood with christmas and presents and so much love all around. valentines day is kind of that same escape for me .. 

even more so i love how creative some brands get with this "holiday". this year i took full advantage of the valentines gift shop featured on urbanoutfitters.com ... check out the shop here !!







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